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Cinematic Wedding Video

Our cinematic wedding video is perfect way to capture your day. Excellent sound for speeches, beautiful video with loved ones smiling, laughing, and admiring the couple.  

You've worked hard to perfect every detail of your special day. Your wedding day is going to be filled with smiles, tears, speeches, and surprises. We hear from so many couples that the day goes by so fast and they wish they could experience it again.

We want you to enjoy your day. We will be capturing special moments from the time you get your hair done until you're cutting up the dance floor. You can relive your special day and share those special moments through our cinematic wedding video.

Every wedding is different. Contact us to discuss filming your wedding.




Cyndi wanted to be a photographer when she grew up but was told to get a career first - so she became a nurse. The nursing gig helped fund her way to living her dream as a photographer and find an inner passion for filming. She is a dork at heart who loves meeting people and learning about what they love.



They told him he’d never do it. "You can’t be a working artist," they said. Coady proved them wrong. Coady’s exceptional editing skills come naturally. Want your video to be perfectly edited to the music? He’s the man to call. He is a “self-taught” portrait artist, photographer, videographer, video editor, musician and amateur juggler.



Illustrator, Animator & Aspiring YouTube Star

Resident animator and illustrator, Gideon provides consultation and input once in a while. When not supervising video shoots, he can be found drawing or on his beloved phone.